First edition of Chardonnay enhances the historic range of the Estate

April 2, 2021

The new releases for spring 2021 include the edition of the first Chardonnay from Herdade da Lisboa. Integrating the Paço dos Infantes range, the new varietal of the famous white wine variety has a citrus side, which stands out, and reveals the typical depth of the variety.

Produced from grapes harvested at the Herdade, the new Paço dos Infantes Chardonnay 2020 reveals the terroir’s aptitude for the production of wines from this international variety. The schist soils of Herdade da Lisboa, the wide thermal amplitude of Vidigueira and an early harvest are some of the characteristics of the place and the winemaking that support this trust.

With fermentation and aging in 500 liter French oak barrels, the Paço dos Infantes Chardonnay at Herdade da Lisboa has a production of 2780 75 cl bottles and 200 Magnum bottles.

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