In the Heart of Ribatejo

Quinta Dom Rodrigo is located near Pernes, Santarém, in the Tejo wine region. Acquired by the Cardoso Family in 2016, Quinta Dom Rodrigo has 90 hectares of vineyards.

In addition to the 30 hectares of existing old vines, a heritage intended to be preserved, the Cardoso Family planted 60 hectares of new vines, opting for grape varieties that are more adapted to the region and with greater interest and oenological potential.


Flanked by the mountain ranges of Montejunto to the Southwest and Serra d´Aire and Candeeiros to the Northwest, Quinta Dom Rodrigo is located in an area with a hot, dry and sunny climate, conducive to obtaining healthy grapes at a perfect level of ripeness.

The soils are brown and red clay-limestone, fertile and fresh, ideal for maintaining freshness and finesse in whites, rosés and sparkling wines in low-lying areas, and for producing well-structured red wines at higher elevations.


Neighboring the foothills of the Serra D'Aire and Candeeiros, Quinta Dom Rodrigo is located in the municipality of Santarém, in Casével, with 90 hectares of hillside clay-limestone land, of which 30 are old dryland vineyards, which boost the freshness and the natural acidity of the grape. Its origins date back to 1560 and it currently houses the ruins of a manor house and has historical curiosities from the 16th century, such as its coat of arms, which honors the shield in helmet, crest and paquife, on which the weapons of Gil Eanes da Costa were embedded.


The oenology of Quinta Dom Rodrigo, the namesake wine of the Cardoso Family's new property in Ribatejo, relies on António Selas' several years of experience in viticulture and the contemporary vision of Ricardo Xarepe Silva, a collaboration already affirmed and recognized.