Cortes do Reguengo: the nobility of the Douro

January 4, 2021

Born in the Douro, by the Cardoso Family, Cortes do Reguengo Premium, Red and White wines are the perfect companion for comfort dishes and take their place at the table of timeless celebrations: moments between family and friends.

With the festive season almost over, but still in time for Three Kings’ Day, the Cardoso Family extends the celebrations with the finest wines from Quinta do Reguengo: the Cortes do Reguengo. The perfect companion for winter meals, comforted by slow cooking dishes and the crackling of fireplaces, are the result of the family’s investment in their property in the Douro.

Located in the Douro Superior sub-region, next to the Douro River in Pocinho, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Quinta do Reguengo, so named because it was once a royal property, is inserted in the tectonic fault of Vilariça, where the clayey soils with outcrops granites combine with a unique microclimate, creating a natural ecosystem for the production of complex and balanced wines.

A true golden cradle that gives rise to Cortes do Reguengo wines, available in three references. The Red Premium 2018 version crowns game dishes, red meats and cured cheeses with its intense aromas of red fruits and rockrose, accompanied by soft notes of spice and smoked notes.

Cortes do Reguengo Red 2018 is slightly more fruity and with notes of wood, creating the perfect companion for meats, smoked meats and more intense dishes of roasted fish.

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