Paço dos Infantes distinguished with gold in an international competition

March 9, 2021

The Paço dos Infantes range of wines, a classic from Herdade da Lisboa, returns to the brilliance of the 1980s, having won, in the last year, the recognition of national and international wine specialists and professionals.

Paços dos Infantes Touriga Nacional 2018 was highlighted in the magazines Vinho Grandes Escolhas (17.5 points) and Revista de Vinhos (17.5 points). Likewise, Paço dos Infantes Reserva white 2019 was distinguished in the Vinho Grandes Escolhas magazine (17 points), as well as the white Paço dos Infantes 2019 from the Antão Vaz variety (Best of the Year by Vinho Grandes Escolhas magazine and Choice of the Market, in the segment above 10 years, from the same publication).
Paço dos Infantes Rosé 2019 was among the Best of the Year by Visão magazine.

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