Cardoso Family highlighted on the big screen

September 6, 2023


“In Nature is the truth” is the motto of the Cardoso Family. Originally from Ribatejo, it was in the production of olive oil that this family planted the first seeds. The search for new properties to expand business led to the discovery of the admirable world of wine production.

Currently, the Cardoso Family has 300 hectares of vineyards, 700 hectares of olive groves and 400 hectares of forest divided between the regions of Douro (Quinta do Reguengo, since 2018), Alentejo (Herdade da Lisboa, since 2011) and Ribatejo (Quinta Dom Rodrigo, since 2022).

In this video, it is among the vineyards and olive groves of the Alentejo plain that our journey to the roots of the Cardoso Family begins. At Herdade da Lisboa, in Alentejo, we go to a place where the modernity of the winery meets the tradition of the Alentejo cellars and where the diversity of viticulture goes hand in hand with the permanent evolution of oenology. Guided by winemaker Ricardo Silva, we drink from the knowledge and respect for Nature that characterize the Cardoso Family wines.


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