Herdade da Lisboa earns certification in the Alentejo Wine Sustainability Program

September 6, 2023


Herdade da Lisboa is the place of the Cardoso Family in Vidigueira in the Baixo Alentejo sub-region since 2011. In this property, the modernity of the winery intersects with the tradition of the Alentejo cellars and the diversity of viticulture, adding to the permanent evolution of oenology. Herdade da Lisboa’s practices in grape and wine production were recognized, achieving certification in the Alentejo Wine Sustainability Program, a pioneering platform in Portugal that controls, protects and certifies this region’s wines.

Implemented by the University of Évora and the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission, this program is a tool that allows the evaluation of how producers currently carry out their activities, offering recommendations to improve their actions, increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of Alentejo wines, as well as contributing to the affirmation of the brand in domestic and foreign markets.

“We are very proud to receive this certification. Being sustainable is much more than saving essential natural resources, such as water or energy. Being sustainable means investing in the circular economy, protecting and regenerating the biodiversity that surrounds us, increasing efficiency in production processes and supporting the local community. We believe in this way to contribute to a better future for our planet and for future generations”, highlights the Cardoso Family.

Wine production, soil management, water conservation and quality, energy efficiency, waste management, pest control, human resources, sustainable ecosystem management, materials management in production, packaging options, community involvement or socio-economic regional development are some of the sectors that make up the Alentejo Wine Sustainability Program.

Natural lawns, mechanical cutting of weeds to avoid the use of herbicides, or the use of solar panels are some of the sustainable techniques and equipment used in the approximately 100 hectares of vineyards at Herdade da Lisboa. This property in Alentejo expresses a unique diversity through a compromise between typical varieties of the region and other international ones, with seven varieties of white grapes and eight varieties of red grapes.

Technology also plays a central role in the Herdade da Lisboa wine cellar, built in 2018, with its temperature-controlled stainless steel mills and vats, as well as modern oval and round cement vats, which allows the creation of differente types of wines.

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