Sparkling wines Convés: ready for the trip through the party tables

February 17, 2022

With a name inspired by the sea, but originated in Alentejo lands and in the Cardoso Family’s passion for the world of sparkling wines. It is from Herdade da Lisboa, in Vidigueira, that the White and Rosé Convés arrive, ready for the upcoming celebrations (at the table).

The Christmas and New Year season brings with it the opportunity to explore the full potential of sparkling wines in what is, for many, the place of choice – the table. In an invitation to discovery, Convés sparkling wines are ready to accompany festive season dishes and gifts at the start of the new year.

In the White and Rosé versions, the Decks kick off the celebrations, as a conversation starter in the aperitifs. And, as an extension of festive meals, they are equally good company for seafood, rich fish dishes or even the traditional roast suckling pig. Marked by their freshness, the Decks bring to the table notes of white pulp and citrus, in the case of the White, and of raspberries and wild berries, in the Rosé, which has a delicate salmon color.

Originating in Baixo Alentejo, the inspiration for the name Convés comes from the sea. History tells that Vasco da Gama had the noble title of “Count of Vidigueira”, the name of the Portuguese village where these sparkling wines are produced, following the classic method. The 2018 Decks are the latest to hit the market from Herdade da Lisboa, the largest winery owned by the Cardoso Family.

In a prominent place, among the 100 hectares of vineyards at the Herdade, the producer installed a modern, large-capacity cellar, but he did not forget a more traditional cellar, inspired by the traditions of the Alentejo, to rest his wines and also these sparkling wines, which there for 18 months.

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