Valentine’s Day: It’s Not Cliché, It’s (Good) Rosé

February 8, 2022

If the color is typical of Saint Valentine, everything else is surprising in Herdade da Lisboa’s suggestion for this date. From the Cardoso family property in Vidigueira, the Paço dos Infantes Rosé emerges, which pays homage to the history of the property and one of the noblest Portuguese grape varieties.

Hearts, bunches of flowers, dinners for two and maybe candlelight. If there’s a date when all clichés are welcome, it’s Saint Valentine’s Day. Among the essentials of this special day, there are also the shades of pink that paint it, from the gifts and decorations…to the wine.

The rosy tones and the particular shape of the bottle stand out in its image, while the content is marked by the firmness of the Touriga Nacional variety and the freshness that it brings to a meal as important as the one shared by two on the 14th of February.

Popular in the 1980s and 1990s, Paço dos Infantes wines have been recovered in recent years by the Cardoso Family, who, in 2011, acquired the property that gave rise to this insignia. The Rosé version brings exuberant aromas of fresh fruit, blueberry and floral notes. Delicate in color and taste, it does not fail to carry a delicate acidity.

If the choice for this Valentine’s Day falls on the traditional Valentine’s dinner, this Rosé from Herdade da Lisboa perfectly accompanies seafood, grilled fish or even Asian-inspired dishes.

Valentine’s Day: It’s Not Cliché, It’s (Good) Rosé
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